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Donation Tools for a Tight Budget

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We know it can be tough to donate when you don’t have a lot to give. That’s why we’ve partnered with a handful of online tools that let you donate while doing what you already do!


goodsearch logoGoodsearch donates $.01 to cause of your choice every time you use its search engine (powered by Yahoo!). All you need to do is make adonation percentage examples copy free account, and choose us as your charity when you search. 

goodshop logoGoodshop donates a percentage of your purchase to us when you shop at several online venues (including the ones listed on the right!)

amazon smileAmazon Smile donates .05% of eligible product purchases to the charity of your choice, at no cost to you.

Believe it or not, simply becoming a Twitter follower or a Facebook friend of Operation Nightwatch can also help us out financially. That's because when we apply for foundation grants, the number of our followers and friends is often considered a telling metric for how much support Nightwatch has in the wider community. So become a Twitter follower and/or a Facebook friend of ours today!

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Automatic Funds Transfer from Bank Account

If you would like to become a regular contributor to Operation Nightwatch without incurring charges to electronic funds transferyour credit card account, we can make arrangements for an automatic Electronic Funds Transfer from a checking or savings account.

If this option is attractive to you, please contact us and we can promptly set everything up.


Dedicated Funds

Operation Nightwatch has several funds set aside for special purposes. We welcome contributions.

Blankets / Socks Fund

blanketsOf the items we distribute to our guests, blankets and socks are those in greatest demand. Even in summer, sleeping outside without a blanket can be miserable; in the winter, it can be fatal. Through a direct arrangement with the factory, we can purchase new blankets for $8 apiece.

To those who are on their feet for most of the day, clean, dry socks also not only contribute to comfort, but also to health. Again, through an arrangement with the manufacturer, we can purchase 180 pairs of socks for under $100.

Endowment Fund

endowment fund logoThe Operation Nightwatch Endowment Fund is about the future. By building an endowment, we seek to guarantee that the ministry of Nightwatch will continue for a long time to come.


Contributions to any of these funds can be made by clicking the "Donate Now" button.

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Keep the Light Shining!

Become a Nightwatch Lamplighter!

A Nightwatch Lamplighter is someone who commits to making a regularly recurring Lamplighters logodonation, either on a monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual basis. These donations help us in our work by providing us with a reliable stream of income throughout the year.

Any size of monthly gift is welcome. However, you may want to determine the amount by the good it can accomplish:

  •  $8 a month will buy us one blanket for distribtuion
  • $12 a month will provide us with enough pairs of socks for one night
  • $118 will pay for an entire weekend’s expenses for the Hospitality Center
  • $227 will meet the publication expenses of one bi-monthly newsletter
  • $500 will satisfy two week’s rent at St. Stephen's

Lamplighters not only receive exclusive updates from the Executive Director but are also invited to special "behind the scenes" events throughout the year.        

You can commit to a regularly recurring donation by clicking the "Donate Now" button and indicating such on our donation page. Monthly gifts can also be made regularly by automatic funds transfer from your bank account, or by directly giving by means of cash, check, or credit card.

Become a Lamplighter, and help us to keep the light shining!

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Make an Online Contribution

Operation Nightwatch operates on a shoestring. As modest as our budget is, we depend upon the generosity of faithful contributors to fund our card on keyboard

The easiest way to make a donation is by clicking the “Donate Now” button. You will be sent to our special donation page powered by ProPay, a secure site which will accept your credit card. 

On our Donations page, you are allowed several options:

  • whether to make a one-time or a recurring donation.
  • whether to direct your contribution to any one of our several special funds, or simply to "where it's most needed."
  • whether you would like to make your donation in honor or memory of someone.
  • whether to subscribe to our newsletter.

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