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As some of you may know, the Springwater Corridor has been talk of the town for a number of weeks. Growing unrest between housed individuals and those 500+ individuals living on the trail has resulted in the City calling for a sweep of the entire corridor, scheduled for September 1st.

While the City is rallying outreach workers and attempting to open shelter spaces for folks the reality is that many of the people living on the trail springwaterwill be faced with no other alternatives than to move into urban neighborhoods in the area. It is worth noting that shelter space is not a viable option for many of our guests- some do not feel safe separating from their partners or pets, others have been victimized by others while in shelters, and others cannot leave their belongings.

While the sweep will placate the housed neighbors it will put many others in even worse positions than they were before (not to mention anger the housed people of the neighborhoods they are pushed into!). Current efforts are being made to obtain land where campers can create an organized, self-policed camp but this is still in the works.

If you interact with folks living on the Springwater, feel free to direct them to the Clackamas Service Center at 8800 SE 80th Ave for housing and other services. Also, feel free to refer them to any of our Hospitality Centers if they are in need of blankets.