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The two items that perpetually dominate the top of our Wish List are blankets and socks. That’s because among our guests they are always in high demand and we give out a lot of them.

But for the first time that anyone can remember, blankets have disappeared from our Wish List. Why? Because we became a beneficiary of 3000 of blanket crewthem from the US government.

There is a little-known law that dictates disaster-relief agencies are eligible for blankets stockpiled for the Defense Department. Homeless organizations are classified as disaster-relief agencies. Thus, with the support of City Commissioner Nick Fish, we applied for 3000 blankets and within weeks they were shipped our way.

Three thousand blankets is a mountain of blankets! We there therefore had to buy two shipping containers to store them, and gained the agreement of Resurrection Lutheran Church to host the containers on its property. Then when the shipment arrived, we had to recruit a crew to help us unload all the blankets into the shipping containers, which we did in short order.

So now we have enough blankets to last us a good while. And we also have a source for an endless supply of blankets when we’ll need more after this shipment is gone.

As for socks, we last ordered a shipment of 1440 pairs in May for about $1000. By the first week in August, they were gone. Also, our fund to buy socks was exhausted so it looked like we were going to be experiencing a “socks drought” for quite some time. But two donors stepped up so we could buy another 1440 pairs to address the needs of our guests. It was a fantastic gift, indeed!

But we’re going to keep socks on our Wish List, for the likelihood is that in another two- to three-months, the new supply will be depleted as well. It would be nice to see the socks supply be continually replenished so we would never have to face a “socks drought” again. Anyone can help, either by directly donating socks, or by making a donation designated to the “Blankets/Socks Fund.”