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We’ve seen a number of personnel changes in the past few months—among them welcoming a new Program Coordinator and a new intern.


However, in two particular changes it feels like we’re seeing the passing of an era.


David Groff has served on our Board of Directors for most of this century, and in most of those as thepassing the torch Board chair. In his tenure, David helped manage Nightwatch not only through many positive transitions, but also through some of its most challenging crises. In his retirement, Bergen Allee has assumed leadership of the Board, and Waylon Spoden has assumed the empty slot that was created.

Our long-time bookkeeper, David Gaines, is also retiring. David has shepherded Nightwatch’s accounts for almost a decade, and has managed his own challenges in that, as Nightwatch has grown, so has the complexity of its finances. His successor is Allison Hicks, a graduate of the University of Washington who is studying accounting at PSU.


Nightwatch is only as strong as the people behind-the-scenes who keep it going. Many thanks are due our Davids for their great stewardship through these recent years!



These past few summer months have been practically blissful out at the Mobile Hospitality Center—the evening sun warms our backs while a refreshing breeze cools us, amhc collage breath of fresh air. Compared to the frigid, soggy, bleak fall and winter months, when we huddle together for a dry patch underneath the canopies or a warm spot underneath or beside the heaters, the summer weather feels almost like a vacation. Friends converse around the perimeter, lounge around in lawn chairs, and sip on bottles of water while enjoying their dinner. The energy in the air is light-hearted and jovial.

During one of these gentle summer evenings at the MHC, a guest expressed his thanks, which I would like to share with you all now: “Thanks for coming. [Referring to the MHC:] This is a safe haven for people who come here. For some people this is everything they have.”

Which is why we plan on being there, at the cul-de-sac of SE 92nd& Flavel, come rain or shine, whether it is 88 degrees or 8 degrees outside. For right now, however, here’s to the warm summer days and the wonderful friends who join us week after week!